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Amateur models, any size, shape, ethnicity or age over 18 who would like to get paid for a photo session and receive free copies of what's shot just check out ModelsRequired.ca for more information or drop me a note.

With erotic photography as my specialty I've had the pleasure of photographing many interesting people of all types, sizes, shapes and interests, often in extremely intimate situations.

I aim to help you feel as comfortable as possible and allow you all the freedom and encouragement you need. I have a laid back style which allows you to express yourself in whatever way you wish while concentrating on looking great. You’re encouraged to be as free, abandoned and/or sedate as your imagination allows.

 Your personal photo session includes

Approximately 60 to 75 unique high definition photographs.

A DVD which contains all the great photos we take. Each photo will be professionally prepared and properly finished.

I don't supply any prints from the sitting but you're free to print your own from the DVD you receive.

My home studio sessions currently start at $89

I accept

and cash or certified checks.

View my portfolio here